Green Packers & Movers Privacy Policy

Green Packers & Movers respects your privacy. Green Packers & Movers offers this privacy policy To safeguard your privacy, along with its entire wing of subsidiaries. The privacy policy depicts the modes in which your information can be collected and utilized on our websites or on any of the websites by our subsidiaries. Any website by us or/and our subsidiaries which contains this information is entitled to your privacy. Also the software applications we at Green Packers & Movers design, which are used to collect your information and the mobile applications we engineer to your utility also come under this privacy policy. Terms & Conditions section will elaborately inform you for all further information on our services. With this, it implies that we are entitled to use the information provided by you to identify you as our customers, and we have gained your consent to collect, store, use and disclose your information to offer you our services.

The information we collect

When you are using any of our service applications (see applications for more), following are the details we may require of you. These details may be used all in all or some of them pertaining to the requirement.

1) Your personal information like name, contact address, telephone number, email address, and other house hold information related to House size and date of shifting)

2) Information we may ask you when you are communicating with regarding help.

3) Information you fill in the forms that are listed on our application while you are using it to perform a transaction

4) Login credentials for social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. in very certain cases.

5) IP address of your mobile device via which you are accessing our application

6) The Operating System on your mobile device through which you are accessing our application

7) The type of browser via which our application is being accessed by you.

Our services safety & encryption:

Green Packers & Movers extensively reserves the right to all the acquired information from all its users as a part of provision of our services. The personally identifiable information of users will be revealed to any of the unaffiliated third party business providers will be at the sole discretion of Green Packers & Movers. Although, Green Packers & Movers does reveal such information only when it is abiding by the copyright issues, law, information rights protection, safety of Green Packers & Movers, our users and others. However, the motive behind sharing user information with third party business providers is in the public benefit of fraud detection and eradication, business risk reduction.

Online Marketing of Third Party Business Providers

In order to show relevant advertisements to you when you are using our services, we assign the job to third party marketing firms. To do that job efficiently, these third parties may require our information (not personally identifiable though) like the type of searches, purchases etc. you are making through our services. This helps them come up with personalized marketing ads for you when you are using Green Packers & Movers’s services.

Google AdWords:

Cookies and Web Beacons

To help your user experience with our services become better, we deploy cookies on your machine (computer, laptop, smart phone etc.). Cookies are basically word files wherein all your preferences will be stored. This leaves us with a better understanding about your browsing experience with our services to let us serve you better. However, it is clear that these cookies DO NOT retain your personally identifiable information like email address, password etc. Where as in other cases, where you choose to give personally identifiable information to us, like when you subscribe for a service, that information will be logged onto the cookies we have in your machine.

These cookies let us customize our services for you. These help us understand the way our services are perceived by you and thus, we would be able to give you more and accessibility in using our services. Cookies help us do things like welcoming you back to your logged-in page if you are a signed-up user with us, to throw suggestions of remembering login email address of you, prompting if you want us to remember your password etc. These will also help us to analyze your preferences so that we could come up with more personalized offerings/services for you.

User data collection and cookie deployment, on-page monitoring on our services are done by Web Beacons. These are very small entities on a web page and we use these for extensive data collection purposes.

Data Collection by Third Party Sites, Services, Ad Servers and Sponsors

There can be interlinked services you may access through our services. The information policy of these services (sites) can be different from that of Green Packers & Movers’s. For instance, one of our website pages may contain links to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter in which you may be interested to access. There are chances that you may be visible as logged in on these sites unless you deliberately choose to sign out of those sites. Since such sites happen to be labeled as “third party sites” between you and Green Packers & Movers, you implicitly give us consent to share your personally identifiable information with those sites to customize your user experience. Also as their terms and conditions regarding information will be different from ours, you mean you are accepting to their terms and conditions when you are accessing their sites. When you are using such sites to post any information, the information may also reach Green Packers & Movers. In this way, Green Packers & Movers won’t be responsible for any discrepancies because the information purveyance is done on those sites but not on Green Packers & Movers’s. Also Green Packers & Movers does not reflect standardized privacy policy when it comes to its alliance with third party services especially in the segment of user personally identifiable information. It is solely up to your discretion to give out your personally identifiable information to third party services like them and you can as well do this after referring to their respective privacy policies.

Security at Green Packers & Movers:

Green Packers & Movers has incorporated robust security measures so that there’s a full bound security to the data that’s incurred, maintained, analyzed, used and preserved. Any unsolicited access to information will be strictly prohibited and condemned at Green Packers & Movers.

Information access & correction:

Green Packers & Movers provides access to all the registered users who did register by inputting their personally identifiable information, to their respective information; though only to a limited extent. This service can be used to identify & rectify and serious mistakes in the inputted information. You can also contact Green Packers & Movers regarding information access at


Everything mentioned and pointed out in this Privacy Policy will be strictly adhered to, by Green Packers & Movers. No statement in the privacy policy entertains any kind of dispute or any such behavior towards policies’ violation.

Privacy Policy Statement Updates & their Effective Period

Green Packers & Movers, without intimating the users about further changes to the privacy policy, holds the rights to make any changes to the current one. The revised privacy policy, if it is revised, will come into effect right from the moment of its publishing (if specified otherwise with a date). For informed access to our services, we recommend you to keep a track on the Privacy Policy page for regular updates.